Posted : 2022-06-11

CIMB are currently under maintenance, kindly temporarily deposit to Maybank, thank you~ CIMB 目前正处于维修状态中,请暂时存款至Maybank,谢谢~

Posted : 2022-03-30

Kindly reminder to all member, Maybank MA LEE MAY has been changed to BOCHUAN ENGINEERING & SERVICES. Please check our deposit bank before make deposit. Thank you! 谨在此提醒所有成员,Maybank MA LEE MAY 已更改为 BOCHUAN ENGINEERING & SERVICES。 请先查询我们的存款银行再进行存款。谢谢!

Posted : 2019-07-01

请注意! 各位来自 『SUREWIN365』 的各位贵客, 如果您有任何问题,请您在『 WhatsApp , Wechat 微信 , LiveChat & TELEGRAM 』咨询我们。谢谢!

Posted : 2019-07-01

Kepada semua pelanggan Terhormat,jika ada pertanyaan yang ingin sampaikan sila hubungi Telegram, WhatsApp, WeChat, Live chat.

Posted : 2019-07-01

Welcome to SUREWIN365, please feel free contact us for any enquiries, our customer service is always with you 24/7. Thank you!